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The Planned Fruita Trip April 29 & 30...Help Please

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X-Post from the Front Range Forum...
Help is appreciated. :D
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The first post you had all had 435 area codes, that's in Utah, not sure where you got that info, but it's not Fruita. The second with the 970 area codes is correct. But it looks like you have it covered. FYI, Highline will be full for the 18 Hours of Fruita that weekend.
What did you find

Noticed no one helped out much, did you go to Fruita in April and if so what did you find out, coming from colorado springs to ride western slope first week in June and looking for 10-25 mile loops with plenty of challenges, not worried about the physical parts of the ride as our group rides year around, total cross country riding prefered.
Tons of stuff here.

Bookcliffs: Rolling desert, fast twisty singletrack, some ridge running. Plenty of loops to connect for good mileage.

Kokopelli: More rocks and ledges, overlooking the Colorado River (read: scenic). Again, lots of loops for connecting and adding mileage.

Tabaguache/Lunch Loop: Some great techy singeltrack stuff coming off a "main vein" of doubletrack with lots of loops to connect and add mileage. Even some "shuttles" that include plenty of climbing.

Rabbit Valley: Lots of moto trails, some are great fun. A superb area after rain, lots of views, and a mix of all sorts of stuff (doubletrack, singletrack, rolling, ledges, rocks, etc). And the familiar option to connect loops for some big miles.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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