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Kuat Innovations
Springfield, MO 65802

Press Release - Kuat Innovations; Springfield, Missouri.

For immediate release!

Announcing Team Kuat
2010 Racing Season.

Location: January 6th, 2010, Springfield, Missouri.

Details: Kuat Innovations announces the formation of our new factory race sponsorship and junior development team ..TEAM KUAT..

Two up and coming Racers, (and brothers), Spencer and Zachary Lowden are signed up for the 2010 season and will be flying the Kuat colors at various State and Regional Mountain Bike venues within the Midwest and a few National events as well.

We are excited to be able to help enhance, grow and foster sustainability of bicycling as well as the competitive element and fun of racing. The values we hold as a company; quality, commitment, integrity and fun are rampant in these two young racers. Both Spencer and Zachary have been a part of the racing scene in the Midwest for over four years now - kickin' some butt in the process… and we are jazzed to have them on board as part of the Kuat Family.

If you happen to see them at any Off-road, Road, Downhill or Observed Trials event… stop by, say hello and share some Kuat love.

Kuat Innovations designs lightweight, stylish, easy to use racks designed by cyclists for cyclists. At Kuat we make more than just bike racks; we design destination hardware that provides both superior function and style for when you hit the road.

Our racks; The Alpha, The Beta, The NV, The Sherpa and… coming soon… Trail Doc.

You can learn more about Kuat Innovations at…

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Hello Kuat Racks,

Your post is a press release and belongs in our press release section, not the Passion forum.

You can email me ( a copy of this press release and I will put it in the proper section.


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