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Ok, here's the deal, I heard a story from a guy at work today about someone he knew back in his racing years. Basically, he raced with a guy who lived near one of the major manufacturers R&D facilities and would raid their dumpsters, get like-new parts, and build bikes with them. That's awesome, but I personally don't need parts or bikes. I have a good road bike, a cruiser and will soon recieve my Ellsworth Moment.

However, that doesn't satisfy my need to build bikes. So what I would like to do is take my obsession with bikes, and turn it into a charitable venture. But I need your help. We all have old parts in the closet that still work great but are either outdated or scratched up and are just gathering dust. So why not take those parts and help someone who would like even be able to ride a bike.

What I plan on doing is taking old, donated parts and building bikes with them. Then, as I complete bikes, I'm going to donate EVERY SINGLE PENNY I MAKE to charity, starting with a lupus charity. Then, as I build more bikes, I'm going to donate to other charities (mostly health related, but riding advocacy will get a turn).

So I need two things from you.

First, anyone and everyone that has any old forks, frames, shocks, wheels, tires, derailleurs, brakes, whatever, I need them.

Second, I need help with a way to verify that this is really what I'm doing and that I'm not taking the parts and keeping them or selling them for profit. I just want to build bikes and help people, not make money.

So PM me if you have any parts or advise on how to do this right.

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