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The not-so-secret-anymore bike

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Well, I bought this Addict Cycles DJ frame. It's super nice. Lot's of machining, good welds, good tubing. Frame weight is a hair under 5 pounds. It's anodized black. I got a real good deal on it. Right after I got it built up, I saw a bunch of them show up on eBay. That kind of bothered me. I thought I was special. Oh well, I'm still the only one in Illinois to have one.

Still minus some bling. I was supposed to get a silver King headset, but they sent me black. Whatever, it was free. Was going to get one of those KMC x9 gold chains and other bits of gold, but huzzah! I found a new Wipperman 9x1 in my parts box, and I know how well they work, so I used that.

Chris King headset
Koski Stronghold Deluxe stem
Titec Hellbent DH bars
Rockshox Pike fork
ODI Rogue lock-on grips
Avid Juicy 7 brakes mated to 203mm Hayes V8 rotors
Hope QR seat collar
Thomson 27.2x330 seatpost
Halo SAS wheelset, bolt-on rear
Truvativ DHLT bb
Bontrager Big Earl cranks
Blackspire Lexan 1/2" c4 bashguard
e13 36t Guide Ring
e13 SRS chainguide
XT Cassette
Wipperman Connex 1x9 chain
SRAM x.9 shifter
SRAM x.9 mid cage rear derailleur
Shimano XTR housing

Real solid build, not much that I want to change. Might change the bar/stem setup and I want a SRAM PG990 cassette. Kidd is helping me out with some laser cut aluminum rotors to try out.

I kinda miss my Coiler, I've been hitting mostly the same stuff on the hardtail. I do miss the suspension in the real rough sections.


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I guess you guys would want some pictures of the new bike...

Addict Cycles

Nice machining

Integrated tensioners with optional derailleur hanger/grind guard (can be bolted on both sides).

Nice machined headtube, came faced/reamed and ready to go. Wrong color CK headset, and some carbon bits.

Street mode

Up the travel and it's ready to drop-in

Dropout/disc mount
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nice rig, how does it feel on 24's ?
Much better now that I don't have 1200g tires and DH tubes in them anymore. I've always liked my Halos. I love how it rides with 24s, I might throw on my 26s just to give it a try, but I'm lazy. There are some bikes that ride like crap with 24s, this is not one of them.
if i new were you lived id steal that bike so fast
haha just kiding
but seriously nice bike
hey, smooth build, looks pretty capable of tackling most all...

but, hey, just gotta say, are 203mm rotors necessary on 24" wheels? I've seriously thought of even going with a 140mm hope rear... but I guess if you're huckin' the chuck, and you want instant grab, it's you're rig anyway....
I do really like the boxed in rear dropouts with tensioners...
Nice bike! How much did you pay to get that?
Yeah, the 203s are overkill, but they came from my Coiler, and I do plan to race DH on it, so meh. I've got some 203mm laser cut aluminum rotors to throw on it still. I also got a new set of Saint cranks to throw on.

I got way hooked up. 180 shipped express for the frame. Most of the parts came off my Coiler. The tires, SRAM setup, Wipperman chain, e13 chainguide, Thomson post, and Saint cranks, and King headset are new. I got some of the parts for free, and some for way below cost. I paid cost for the rear derailleur and tires.
In other words, you got an incredible deal on it?
That's a great looking bike. Like the black frame with white wheels. Killer deal for frame with welds like that.
Those frames used to go for 625, I think they're trying to clear them out. Selling for 375 plus ship right now. Good deal considering the quality of these frames.
Not asking to buy, but how much would someone have to offer you for you to sell it?
Around 2500. At retail, it's got almost that much into it in just parts.

You aren't the first person to ask. And as you can see, it's clean. Only faults are chips in the powdercoat on the rims.
Wow. That bike totally blows anything I'm going to have for a long time right out of the water.

What's the standover height? It looks pretty low, or is that just because of the wheel size?
25 inch standover with the dual 24s.

Weighs 29.5 pounds.
Check this one out. Not necessarily my style, but no doubt smooth and simple. can't stand d-max wheels though, and don't ask me why there is no rear brake, maybe it's a euro thing... ?
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Yeah, I've seen it. He ran out of money.
Nice bike.
You guys are so lucky.
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