The Ride to Conquer Cancer is a Huge Success!

The Enbridge Ride To Conquer Cancer Events have come to an incredibly successful close for 2012. The first of the four events kicked off In Toronto before moving on to Vancouver, Calgary and finally Montreal. These events are the four largest charity fundraisers in Canada and have collectively raised more than $45 Million this year alone. In the four years since the RTCC was started, the fundraising has reached an astronomical total well in excess of $120 Million. This total has helped purchase treatment equipment, fund crucial research and expand the facilities in which Cancer is studied and treated.

The Toronto ride is the biggest of the four. More than 5000 riders came out this year and raised a whopping $18 Million. With the Funds Going to the Ontario Cancer Foundation the commitment of the riders the volunteers and donors can not go unnoticed. This particular ride had 6 different routes associated with it varying from a 200km endeavor all the way up to a 350km epic. All 6 paths took riders out to the beautiful Niagara region along beautiful scenic paths. Through sun, cloud and a touch of rain this was a great event to kick off the 2012 season.

Hopping across the country to British Columbia, the second ride started in Vancouver and made its way down the west coast to Seattle Washington. The standard and challenge routes both brought riders across the border and into the United States for a beautiful ride along the coastline towards their destination. In its fourth year the BC ride brought out nearly 3000 riders who banded together to raise $12Million. This ride was impressive for another reason as well. In addition to the 240-360km ride these riders fought through torrential rain throughout the day and into the night. While mother nature tested the riders limits physically and mentally the wheels kept rolling. The riders persevered with the thoughts for their friends and families that have been affected by this terrible disease.

The 2012 RTCC tour wrapped up in Montreal Quebec. 2300 riders come out and raised an astounding $7 Million for cancer research in Quebec. This ride was a touch different than the previous two. The roads were dry and the sun was hot, the struggle was still present though. In this instance the riders fought through heat and humidity for two days. Hydration, body temperature and exhaustion were the demons to defeat here. Taking the riders from Montreal to Quebec City, this was the perfect finish to the most successful Enbridge Ride To Conquer Cancer series of rides yet. The money raised, the lives changed and the sheer determination of all the riders is an inspiration to daily life. To take a fraction of what each and every rider has put into this ride and apply it to daily life really can change the future. Through, events like this and the people involved we will soon Conquer Cancer!

Some Numbers to ponder from the ride:

13000 Riders
$45 Million
3,250,000 KM ridden

Following the 2012 World Cup DH

The 2012 World Cup DH circuit is nearly coming to a close. Through 5 rounds, 5 countries and 3 continents the scores are being tallied and the next race will determine the roster on the box. Consistency is key in climbing the scoreboard and ranking high among the competition. While one great result may provide a much needed jump, any holes in the points plummet that number to the bottom.

The riders racing for Norco this year was greater than ever with a total of 8 riders piloting the Aurum down the world's most challenging tracks. The Dirt Norco Race team added a rider this year bringing the total to three. Duncan Riffle joined Ben Reid and Dan Stanbridge to travel in style and live the BusLife. New for 2012 is the Team Norco International where Jill Kintner and Bryn Atkinson fight side-by-side for the top of the podium. Rounding out the total is independent riders Olie Burton and Isak Leivsson plus Norco Factory Team rider Ludovic May.

The first race of the year was some 11 weeks back in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. This race is flat, fast and open. This course is a test of endurance and fitness, while not typical it gives a good indication of who is serious about the season approaching. Following Africa the teams picked up and moved to an Italy-Scotland double header. Testing the physical and technical abilities of the riders both Val di Sol and Fort William are both challenging and well anticipated races for the season. Hoping over the big pond rounds 4 and 5 are yet again back-to-back affairs. Mont St. Anne is the first of the two and is a big one. Showing off what is to come in this year's World Championships the points race is also tight and no one wants to disappoint. Round 5 goes down to Windham NY where two years back flooding devastated the town. Back and stronger than ever this is yet again another great event.

The boys of Dirt come out strong and have great expectations for the season. Duncan comes out of Pietermaritzburg with a 36th place and moves through the the following races with determination. Heading into France for round 6 Duncan is sitting in 48h spot. Ben Reid missed out on Round one but has been staying strong since. Despite missing one race Ben is comfortable in 52nd spot. Dan Stanbridge has had a bit of a rough ride breaking his wrist in Windham and missing out on qualification in round 2. Despite this bad luck, Dan is looking at points that place him in 77th.

Jill Kintner has had a strong start to her season. In only her second year on the World Cup Circuit she has climbed the podium twice so far. Windham was bad news for Jill though as she broke her Radius and dislocated her wrist taking her out of contention for the France starting list. Jill is sitting in 6th spot right now through 5 races. Bryn Atkinson is in his first season back after breaking his Femur at the start of his 2011 racing. Bryn took his best result of the year in Mont St. Anne where he crossed the line in 21st spot. Bryn is currently the top placed Male Norco Rider with his points ranking 30th.

Olie Burton has had his best season yet after consistently qualifying and keeping consistent. Olie is currently in 57th place overall. Isak Leivsson is new to Norco out of Switzerland. Racing in 4 of the five events he is sitting comfortably in 70th spot. Traditionally a Super-D racer, Ludovic is moving up in the rankings sitting in 105th spot.

With one more race to go and World Championships just around the bend this has already been a standout year for the whole Norco team. More riders and better results than ever before the 2012 season is a year of firsts. That said, we still have some big events to come and a single race can change everything. Jill Kintner found this out in Windham so let's all cross our fingers for some fast and safe runs in the coming months!

Summer is Finally Here

I know, you have probably heard me complain about the weather way too much this spring, but if you live on the west coast you will feel my pain. June was called Juneuary by many people as it felt as cold and damp as a usual January. Unfortunately it was also a month packed with events, so many of us got wet.

Props out to the more than 10,000 riders who completed one of 4 Ride to Conquer Cancer events (Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal). These events are unbelievable… roughly 240 kms over 2 days with over $40 million raised to go directly into Cancer Research and Patient care here in Canada. Way to go you guys!! The keen staff here from Norco Bicycles was on hand at all 4 of these events providing no charge technical support to keep the thousands of bikes moving forward. We met (and made happy) many new friends this last month. Great to see you all out there for such a great cause.

June is also a fast and furious month in World Cup Racing, and our team riders and cosponsored privateers were all over the world too. There have been some fabulous results on the new Aurum bike - confirming this bike as a true World Cup capable DH rig. Unfortunately, things can go wrong quickly at this level and 2 of our top athletes are taking a forced rest break with casts on their arms. Get healthy quick Jill and Dan.

The next few weeks will be exciting as Norco will host our 2013 Product Launch to Distributors, Dealers and Media. There are some really cool looking new bikes rolling through the offices between photo shoots and final engineering quality checks. Wow… the bikes just keep on getting better.

This weekend is the 2012 STP or Seattle to Portland ride - a 320 kms jaunt along with 9,999 other cyclists. Personally, I'm hoping all the training kms I have put on this spring will somehow be there, ready to draw on to give me a day with frisky legs (or at least some diesel power)… A few of us here are doing this ride in one day, so despite all the help and smooth rolling my Valence will give me, it otta be a biggie. I'm hoping for divine intervention as I missed many of this last month's long training rides… Oh boy.. here we go !!! J

Hope you all are getting out and enjoying some great riding and that the trails are finally dry and fun and the roads sunny and with a tailwind. See you out there. Steak Sauce

Source: Norco News