First Look: YT IZZO

YT is shaking things by introducing a sharp-looking trail bike to the family. The carbon-framed, 130 mm-travel trail bike with 29-inch wheels fills a void for YT and is destined to uncork good times for riders on after-work rides through local woodlands as well as during trans-alpine adventures. Inspired by the sleek and simple design, yet impressive precision and effectiveness of the Katana sword used by Samurai in ancient Japan, the IZZO has been developed to be a fast, agile and sharp bike in both form and function.

YT IZZO Highlights

  • 130mm of front and rear suspension
  • Wheelsize: 29"
  • Size range: S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Price range: $2,999 - $5,999
  • Available in May (varies by build)
  • For more information:

A Well-Rounded Trail Bike

Let's be honest: not all of us can boast the luxury of having mountainous terrain on our doorstep. With that in mind, the IZZO has been developed and spec'd with lighter tires and rims and 130 mm travel to deliver the perfect performance balance for the trail category.

After downhill, enduro, and all-mountain, the consumer-direct brand brings its first trail bike to the mix. As both the CAPRA (180mm/180mm & 170mm/170mm travel) and the JEFFSY (160mm/160mm & 150mm/150mm travel) boast increased travel across the range for 2020, the IZZO (130mm/130mm travel) perfectly caters for those riders out there looking to ride trails and embrace the uphill just as much as the downhill.

YT IZZO Geometry

The IZZO has been constructed to defy all challenges a trail ride can throw your way. The key aspects of development were uphill climbing ability, pedal efficiency and weight, while still considering the fun-loving YT DNA.

Each model is available in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL spanning a reach from 429 mm to 513 mm, and every model variation has the exact same high-performance carbon frame. The cutting-edge climbing characteristics of the bike are courtesy of a steep seat tube angle of 77°/77.5° paired with low stack height and low weight. This combination will let riders conquer grueling uphill climbs with ease. The geometry can also be adjusted thanks to the Flip Chip, which drops the BB by 5 mm and results in a 0.5°-slacker head and seat tube angle. The playful YT feel is ensured thanks to an active, progressive suspension - YT's first 4-bar suspension linkage by the way - and the relatively short chainstays that differ for sizes S to L (432 mm) and XL to XXL (437 mm). This progressive but not overly aggressive and well-balanced geometry, paired with a great kit, will ensure Good Times on backyard trails and long days in the saddle alike.
"We created the Izzo for people that love to ride mountain bikes in the original spirit of mountain biking. Get out there, go far, go hard and get lost. It's a lightweight, great pedaling bike that encourages you to just go. While it is light and efficient, it's still a ton of fun on DH and tech sections. We wanted to build a bike that was just as fun and capable on climbs and flats as it is on downhills. A lot of riders love to push their limits and endurance, explore new trails, and ride all day. We built this bike for those riders. And for ourselves."

- Chris Hilton, CTO YT Industries

YT IZZO Specifications

The Launch Edition features SRAM's AXS wireless drivetrain.

The Launch Edition features SRAM's AXS wireless drivetrain.​

The Launch Edition is limited to 150 bikes worldwide, and boasts high-performance and high-tech components, while the unique colorway is a feast for your eyes. Both a FOX 34 Float Factory fork and FOX Float DPS Factory rear suspension deliver the goods when the terrain gets rough. The premium SRAM Eagle AXS drivetrain guarantees effortless, cableless shifting and the AXS package is rounded off with the SRAM Reverb AXS.

The IZZO Comp looks like a stellar value.

The IZZO Comp looks like a stellar value.​

The Pro Race, Pro and Comp models come with variations of FOX 34 fork, FOX Float DPS rear suspension, SRAM drivetrains and brakes, and with the FOX Transfer Factory or YT Postman dropper posts to complete the package. Both the newly designed Thirstmaster 5000 (835 ml) and the Thirstmaster 4000 (600 ml) FID LOCK bottle fit in the frame snugly and will ensure you always stay hydrated when out on a ride.

[IMG alt="YT's "Thirstmaster" Fitlock bottles "][/IMG]
YT's "Thirstmaster" Fitlock bottles​

An adapter also offers the choice of fitting a regular bottle cage as well, to suit all rider's needs. Bolts below the top tube allow for fixing a utility belt to carry spares and tools to help you on the trailside. Custom to YT's way of taking care of details, maintenance and servicing are simple, thanks to the 'single-sided hardware access' enabling the suspension linkage and rear triangle hardware to be installed and removed from the same side. The 'race-specific advanced sealing concept' and 'axial-lip-seal' prolong the service life of the IZZO, thanks to additional seals that protect the double-sealed full complement bearings and keep water and dirt at bay.

YT IZZO Pricing and Complete Bike Weights

  • IZZO Launch Edition, $5,999 (26.5 lbs / 12.0 kg, limited to 150 pieces in Europe & USA)
  • IZZO Pro Race, $5,299 (26.7 lbs / 12.1 kg)
  • IZZO Pro, $3,899 (27.8 lbs / 12.6 kg)
  • IZZO Comp, $2,999 (29.1 lbs / 13.2 kg).
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