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the new ride. . . . .

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waiting on new wheels and new fork. Who knows when the Dorado will be available. so far I really like the new bike
that thing is phucking sexy!!
Good god man. That's beautiful.
Nice!!! SO they did away with the M6 huh?

Those welds are freaking amazing.
Wow, very nice!
Congrats Christian...It
looks beautiful....I have the "CLEAR" for you

Hopefully I get my shock....getting the M-6 today
sick bike man :thumbsup: ....what fork and wheels are you going with?
don't like the's like buying a new ferrari with a mazda engine...this bike is amazing why not do it all the way...
waiting on Chris King hubs laces to Atom lab rims, hoping the aluminum Dorado will be here soon
Have you ridden it yet? Seems like it is a love or hate kind of frame based on feedback I have read...(several poeple selling and going back to the M6 because of wierd wheel rate..linear to HARD ramp at the end) although running in the 8" setting and a good shock (as you have) seem to be key.

BTW, PLEASE hit 'enter' between your pictures (IMG tags) so they scroll down and not across. As posted, the format SUCKS to try to read/look at.
Black and gold, awesome colour scheme, that's some serious hardware you got there!
WOW! Please tell me those hubs will be GOLD?! That thing is amazing! The new Dorado will look b!tch on there as well! Very nice build
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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