Phase one of the massive deity revamp is underway with the launch of the all new anticipated deity site. Feature rich with comprehensive technical information and countless detailed images, the new deity site showcases the evolution of their product line and company as they enter their 6th year as a business and proudly introduce the best work they have done to date. A small rider owned, operated, funded, and designed company, deity is the product of owner Eric Davies' 15 years of industry experience and his desire to create a company that directly reflected his passions, influences, and desire to have a direct relationship with their ever growing loyal customer base.


Founded in 2004 on a minimal amount of funds, deity has operated, since day one, without debt, loans, investors, partners, or anybody else's input in the company's direction. In this day and age this business practice is rare and has kept complete creative control in the hands of deity, but at the same time forced deity to be calculated with their growth, product development, and what they could or could not do. After relocating to their new massive compound in Idaho a year ago, the additional space finally allowed deity to set forth on plans that have been more than two years in the making.

"We were only able to do so much when deity started in 2004. I had $15,000 and to effectively start the brand, had to maximize every penny even though it limited what I could do product wise. I had never been completely satisfied with our product line, but had to be patient, slowly improve what we did, and save every dollar to invest back into the brand, tooling, and molds. To finally enter 2010, have the space to expand, and move forward on tons of products we have been eager to get out to everyone, is extremely exciting for us and will lead to some interesting developments over the next 12 months. We are finally going in the direction I originally envisioned for deity and after spending over two years restructuring our product line, going to the drawing board, and focusing on key products, I know we now have some of the best products to offer this market and the new site is only the start." (Eric Davies, Owner)

The foundation of the new deity site is built on almost a thousand pages of content, information, resources, and with numerous detailed product pages, accessing technical information, images, and education on the product line has never been easier. Offering a clean and simple graphical interface, the deity site represents an elegant presentation to the company and with the input, requests, and feedback from riders like you…the new product line delivers dozens of new products that mark the beginning for deity's future plans.

With some of the new deity products finished and tested over a year ago, patience allowed deity to take their time and proceed with a focused real world product development and abuse program that in some cases, led to numerous changes, refinements, and molds with the end goal, to release the best product line possible. 90% of the old product line has been eliminated with the introduction of the full new collection of parts and with plans to change the remaining 10% by next year, product development is happening at the deity compound on a daily basis.

"We listen to everyone's feedback whether you run our parts or not. I was eager to dive into the line up and not modify existing parts, but scrap them and start from the bottom. This allowed us to invest into multiple molds, expensive tooling, better materials, and new processes in manufacturing to create products that should have been what we made since the beginning. It was not only the technical manufacturing processes I focused on, but even the simple things such as moving away from powdercoating every part, playing around with new finishes, and bringing an identity to every part we make. The amount of prototypes we made of a part was staggering. Some of the parts went through 4-5 changes over two years and each proto was beaten by the best to put it through the rigors of real world riding alongside machine stress testing and computer analysis (which is never as thorough as 12 months of dedicated brutalizing of a part by a hard rider). In the end, we did not want to rush a single part, we were not desperate, and we knew we needed to do it right from the start. It takes time, but it is far better than making a sample, marking off on it, and putting it out for all of YOU to test. That just does not make sense." Eric Davies, Owner

Impossible to cover in one press release, the new expanded deity collection is briefly covered here showing only a small portion of the new offerings as detailed information on all of the new products can be accessed via the new site, future magazine and web site tests, product features, and upcoming press releases. Focused on multiple development goals such as strength, weight, options, compatibility, and more, the new range brings deity into the forefront of the scene with the introduction of 5 new handlebars, direct mount stems, 2 new pedals, new DJ Saddle line, new DH Saddle line, all new Vendetta 3.0 crankarms, new line of spindles, External BB kits for 3 piece cranks, new End Plugs, Grips, Limited Edition Color series, new Softgoods collection, and more.

Available in late June, make sure to visit the deity site for detailed information on each new part, the all new softgoods line which is available now, and the expanding deity roster of riders. With their new blog launched 2 months ago and their presence on Facebook, you can expect to see daily updates on new products, multiple contests, and features on the people that influence and inspire the company. In celebration of the new deity site, bookmark the deity Blog for upcoming contests that will allow you the chance to win either a Fantom DM stem, Decoy LT pedals, or a softgoods package throughout the next two weeks.

Welcome to the new deity!

***A 110% Rider owned, operated, designed, developed, and funded company, deity was born on 04.04.04 in an attempt to deliver something different to people looking for a company they could relate to. Since 2004, deity has grown into a company that is proud to have the devoted support of so many riders and people who understand their direction and wear the deity flag proudly on their backs. With the 2010 restructuring of the company, full new product line, and new line of frames slated to drop in 2011, only the best is yet to come.

Make sure to check out the daily updated deity Blog at for the latest news on the new deity roster of riders that is comprised of Cameron Zink, Jacob "Cob" Hyde, Zach Hensley, Lars Tribus, Nate Adams, Emily Johnston, Logan Peat, Adam Hauck, Taylor Sage, Allen Stoddard, Richie Rude, Cierra Smith, Nadia Steinbrecher, and Bobby McMullen!

source: Eric Davies