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The long painful trail back to fitness

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A few of us met up today at the school campground in the Cuyamacas to help me get back into shape. Being that this is my 3rd ride i barely managed to do 20 miles with some cramping. Climbing out here if you are not in shape will hurt, hopefully i can keep this momentum going so, i will be looking to do a 25 or miler on Thursday somewhere. On the other side of Milk Ranch road where the downhill starts, there were a lot of downed trees thus slowing down the flow and had to do a bunch of Hike a bikes. Overall it was a great day for riding and really didn't need a lot of layers as it warmed up fairly quick. Here are some pics i wanted to share with you guys :cheers:
Laura Fox and knobbytires

Laura Fox mashing the uphill climb.

The lake.

Knobbytires enjoying the perfect weather.

The group in La Cima.

I couldn't find a place to "lean my bike on" :wave: Jose.

The group.

State park rangers picking up the pieces, Thanks guys.

The painful climb up Milk Ranch.

More downed trees.

Before: Laura going fast on the DH.

Gotta hate those damn ruts!

ocd(Phil) on the singletrack and was also nice enough to play sweeper on the way back.
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Good to see they are clearing some of the deadfall. Last time I rode there I have to dismount about 25 times. I often take that same route in reverse. That last downhill back towards the school camp is a blast that way.
Wow - lake is so empty. Last time I was in the 'Macas was in December of '05, and I thought it looked kinda low then! Sure like to get back down there sometime and do the East Mesa/Granite Spr/Indian Creek/Upper Noble loop... Even with the stretch of Highway past Pioneer Mail, and back down into CRSP it was a great ride! We're set for a deluge the next week up North here in the Bay Area... Sigh...
Hey Scott, the lake is low, but next week it should be full as we're forecast to get 5-7" of the wet.

Come down and ride dude! I think Greg is almost healed again
Howeler-man! I'd love to get down there... TCB is out of commission for a couple more months at least though... Tell him to quit running into trees. He and I talked on the phone (can you believe it - people still talk on PHONES?!?!) and we were thinking maybe a May timeframe to get together and ride. Hopefully he'll be healed and have a few miles under his belt by then! C'mon up too! Or I'll meet you down there... Or Utah!!! Or....!!!
well, hit me up at least a month in advance and we can do a group ride out there. Im not as in good shape as i was but i am putting in a lot miles doing intervals so, hopefully i can get back into that climbing shape as i was before the injury. you guys know where to find me!

nice pics
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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