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"The Loaner"

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Long story short, cased the back rim on my specialized pretty bad...kept riding it until tire started to rub the frame. I'm working on building something more stout for my weight/riding style but, in the meantime, I want to keep riding to try and lose some more weight. I only have the one bike, but my sis called and offered me this bit of pure singlespeed win:

Schwinn Del Mar. She bought this from walmart a while back so that her then boyfriend could ride with her, but they never did, and she dumped him, so it's been sitting in the garage with zero miles. This baby retails at Walmart for a whopping $119. Doesn't show up on bikepedia that I can find....the tires don't even have a branding on them. First time I tried to pump up the rear, the tube detonated @ 37 psi (4 inch split) so off to the other LBS to grab some big tubes...clocked 7.64 today....rides SO much differently than a suspended MTB. Very comfortable though. She told me to keep it so, while I won't be jumping it, I might make it in to a commuter or something once I have a dedicated mountain bike built back up, since it already has the rack on the back, and walmart also sells a set of saddle bags for a whopping $29. Almost busted ass too...forgot how touchy the foot brakes are. Locked 'em up and almost went down sideways. Probably going to switch out tires for now...not really sure. Just something to keep me riding in the meantime.

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Well, you have a sweet bike. And you're really good at hooking up with chicks. Plus you're like the only guy at school who has a mustache. You ever take it off any sweet jumps?
I actually had to google that....never saw the movie and didn't know what you were talking about at first.
anybody ever run maxxis hookworms?
I've never run hookworms...although that's probably the next purchase. I have had good success with Schwalbe Big Apples in 2.15" and 2.35" both in 26" and 29er flavors... for the city bikes.
eh...rear hub started acting up last night...I think whoever put it together @ walmart did it wrong.
Hope you get the hub thing sorted out, but the cool0meter is off the charts bud!
loved my maxxis holy rollers. too bad they dont come in 29".
fattybikejones said:
Hope you get the hub thing sorted out, but the cool0meter is off the charts bud!
Needs new bearings, I think. Alas though, the beach cruiser's days are limited. I picked up my old bike in the meantime, and I am currently putting the cruiser back to stock so that I can pass it on to the next guy.
rcp916 said:
Dude find some ape hangers for that rig and ride free BROTHER!
...and never ever lose the white walls. I have a 54cm Canny r900 that I put flat bars on, but still want a legit cruiser.

I put a diff seat on it too
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