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The List for Dirtjumping bikes. so no more Q's about what bike to buy for DJ :p just have a look at the list

here it is

2nd Specialized Hardrock Sport
1st Gary Fisher Opie
3rd Scott voltage YZ4
1st GT chucker 3.0
2nd Scott YZ3
3rd Trek Jack 1
2nd Specialized Hardrock sport disc
3rd KHS DJ 50
1st GT Chucker 2.0
4th Scott YZ2
3rd Jamis Komodo 1
7th Specialized Hardrock Comp
5th Haro Zero 1
4th Gary Fisher Mullet
8th Norco Havoc
6th GT chucker 1.0
1st Kona Shred
2nd GT ruckus UF
6th Specialized Hardrock Pro
1st Specialized P.1 Cr-Mo
2nd Giant STP SS
3rd Norco rival
5th Brodie Miscreant
4th GT ruckus Trail 2.0
7th Scott YZ1
4th Jamis Komodo 2.0
1st Specialized P.2 Cr-Mo
2nd Kona Scrap
7th KHS DJ 200
6th Haro Zero Eight
3rd Norco Bigfoot
5th Trek Jack 2
2nd Kona Stuff
3rd Gary Fisher bitter
1st Norco Ryde
4th Scott YZ0
4th Jamis Komodo 3.0
5th Specialized P.2
2nd Kona Cowan
16th KHS DJ 300
8th Giant STP
6th Haro Werx Zero
14th Gary Fisher GED
12th Norco Sasquatch
1st Norco Manik
7th Norco One25
3rd Norco Two50
13th Brodie Heathen
15th Brodie cretin
11th GT ruckus trail 1.0
9th GT ruckus DJ
17th Scott YZ0 0.5
10th Trek Jack Three.
4th Specialized P.3
1st Kona Howler
7th Gary Fisher Phd
3rd Norco 416
2nd Norco Xxxx
6th Norco Rampage
5th Scott YZ0 Limited
1st Norco torrent
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