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The last El Capitan?

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Hello, longtime lurker. Occasional poster on here and 29er forum. Thought I should post a report of my latest build, my new El Cpaitan.

Able to get at a great price here in Switzerland, so decided to go for it even with the knowledge refreshes were coming. It had the complete feature set I wanted (maybe a tapered head tube would have been good for future forks?). Finished the build a few weeks ago, had a first ride 2 weeks ago where I had the front and rear suspension settings all wrong so not a greate demo. Today however, it ws set up just right, and it was flamin amazing. Just a great ride. A bit of a puff to get it up the hill, but along and down it was just fabulous. stiff and plush. Amazing.

I am just totally in love. This bike is in addition to my chumba HX2, and my goodness I was nailing rough stuff today in a way not possible on the HT. Just wanted to share!


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Congrats. The bike looks great. Those are some wide bars.
:thumbsup: Beautiful build! Thanks for sharing.

That thing looks great! Love it!
Cheers all, yes it is the most beautiful thing ever, isn't it! :)

Can I say again just how bloody awesome it is to ride? I am just staggered. HA deffo a bit slacker than the Chumba (I think?), maybe it does that when it squats into the travel. feels soooo planted on tech downs, and yet pings and weaves through the rest. MMmmmmmmmm. Feels totally and utterly invincible. Freaking amazing!

Yes, bars a bit wide, they are 790mm syncros FR31s, thought I would give them a try as 685s deffo feel a bit narrow for me. These are crazy wide, but do you know what, I am a big guy with big wide shoulders and it feels pretty good. Might chop them a bit as in the twisties through the forest they are a bit on the wide side. ;)

You guys might have heard of this (you Euro's will have anyway), in June me and some mates are doing the Passportes du Soleil, starting from Champery, I think I will give it a whirl on the El Capitan. "Make Way you funny small people on your comedy small wheeled bikes!" :lol:
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Could you post your part spec? I just got an El Capitan and I'm leaning towards the blue and white color scheme. So pretty.
Let's try science: erm.. I don't have it written down anywhere (don't really want to know total cost!), but from memory:

Saddle: SDG
Grips: superstar components
Brakes: Hope Tech M4 (bloody marvellous)
Bars: Syncros FR31 790mm
Stem: Syncros FR
Pedals: Superstar components Nanos
Wheels: Halo Freedom (gold hub is a Hope ProII to replace the sh1t halo one, only colour they had)
Shifters: X0 red
Rear mech: X0 red
Fmech: XT
Chainset: XT
Chain: XT
Headset: BBB
Fork: 2010 Reba Team 120mm
cables& outers: Jagwire/BBB

Tires vary, I find MKs great in the slop, Ardents good for most of the year, and RRs best in summer.


Next upgrade: new wheels, still white of course, but a bit lighter and prob tubeless. Everyone needs 2 sets of wheels do they not? :)
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What do you think of the Hope Pro 2 hubs? I was planning on Stans Arch, Sram X9 hubs, and double butted spokes which is about $350 and 1900 grams. The Hope hubs drop 150 grams but add around $200 to the price.
They seem great. They are noisy, and you need an XT or better cassette, but they turn, hold spokes and rims, and generally do what a hub should without complaint. :)

Been going 6 months now, and I am not the gentlest rider, so I rate them as pretty good.

It must be said, I absolutely love Hope as a company also. They are fabulous. I have only ever had one problem with their stuff, and that was a sticky piston on the Tech 4s. Gave them a call, quick chat with someone knowledgeable, and it was sorted in 5 minutes. Awesome!

very nice looking bike kev...i bet that bike is going to love the mountains of switz. Now all she needs is a fresh coat of dirt !
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