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Ahh, mtb'ing at its finest....

Today the kid, my 9 year old son, and I hit the trails together for the very first time. Santa brought a new Kona Hula 24'' bike for big rugrat. He has been asking for this since summer and I've been hiding it since September.

It was awesome, he is a absolute natural.

He has never owned a geared bike before but after just a few minutes of prep talk time and some basic advice he was off.

Within 15 minutes he took the lead and I could hear him shifting in advance of upcomming hillls. I was amazed and very proud of him. He even stood and cranked up a short rocky climb and I thought he'd never make it to the top, but he did and just kept on riding!!!

Enough daddy pride....I'm just stoked that he made it look so easy with so much to think about. He took one spill on the start of a downhill but jumped right back up and said, "I'll just walk down." "Nothing wrong with that," I told him.

Merry X-mas to all...

I just can't believe I didn't take my camera. You know how many times I've said that before about riding? Uhhhg. Tomorrow is another day.
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