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annoyingly cautious
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It started a year ago when my daughter tried to use the excuse that her bike was at the grandparents' house house as a way to avoid a bike ride. I had previous assessed the BB-saddle top length and realized I could drop the seat low enough on my GF Mt Tam (large) and she could still reach the peddles and ground. I put on a short, high stem. The girl took off like a bat out of he!! on the pavement, but I wouldn't let her on the dirt because the bike was so big for her I was worried about how she would do in difficult circumstances. It took her a year to outgrow her 26"er so I picked up a Mt Tam for her 12th birthday, just in time for our trip to Moab. She's 62", 105#. Scary-fast.
Her mom is the one on the 292 in my other thread.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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