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The Great Western Trail

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What are some of your favorite sections of the GWT?

1. Wasatch Crest
2. American Fork
3. Timpanogos


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did the crest this morning and it was spectacular, i also like dog lake, mill d to desolation, and going down big cotton wood is a very fun and VERY challenging ride called mineral fork, its a motorcycle / atv trail and its tough but rewarding. Muller park is great, so is dry creek to city creek

those are a couple i can think of right now

What up Gibb! You're making me die for being back in the Wasatch right now, great shots. I vote the Crest, it's such a classic.

Your buddy, "hey semrau"!.
I did rides on Ridge 157, Pine Hollow, Little Deer Creek, Salamander Flat, and Tibble Fork downhill in the last several days. It's nice to live within minutes of such a great riding area. I need to do Wasatch crest soon. I've also ridden a portion of the GWT in the Orem foothills and although it is more of a scrub oak area rather than pines and quakies it is still fun riding.
Rode part of the GWT off Dog Lake today...sick singletrack!! Personally I can't get enough of The Crest trail. Day before yesterday I did the Old Mormon trail in East canyon...good times!!
mmm... where is this trail ....I would very much like to know,, because ya'll make it sound awesome
Doing crest in the morning. Personally I can't get enough of Tibble Fork downhill, Timpooneke, Salamander Flats, Little Deer Creek and 157. I'm on those trails 3+ times a week.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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