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Heads up Flyboy!!
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50 miles, almost 10,000 ft of climbing all at elevations above 10,000 ft.

Scenic singletrack can only be a summary of this ride. 45 miles of singletrack and 5 miles of dirt road grinders made this ride as Home Grown described, "the one that takes the cake."

Drog, Slow and Home Grown joined me for the adventure. We started earlyish, around 7:45 am at the Kenosha Trailhead.


We ran into a few riders on the trail and when they asked where we were going and I told em French Pass, they were baffled. Some knew the pass but couldn't figure out my mostly singletrack route, others didn't know the pass at all and later both Drog and Home Grown commented they wouldn't be able to find the route unless they rode it a couple of times. Ah, I like these types of rides.


Kenosha Pass> Georgia Pass> The American Flume> Little French Gulch> French Pass> Georgia Pass> Jefferson Creek> Kenosha Pass


Breaking treeline, the weather was perfection all day.



Mt. Guyot serves as the backdrop and is the mountain that we would eventually circumnatigate


the Talas of the American Flume clinked and shifts as Drog makes his way across the traverse


Looking back down the Breckenridge side of French Pass


and dropping down the South Park side






From the bottom we climbed up a 4 mile gravel road to the top of Georgia Pass and another 200 ft or so of elevation gain got us to the tip top of what most mountain bikers call Georgia Pass on the Colorado Trail.


The snow drifts on the top of Jefferson Creek never dissapear before the next winter's storm buries them again. A quiet reminder of how little a year we get to ride the fine trails of the high country.


Within a mile or so Jefferson Creek drops into the forest canopy and becomes an east coast style downhill full of roots and rocks, mud, and creek crossing with log bridges. This is my home style turf and even after 40 + miles I was ripping through this fine piece of trail


Back to the Colorado Trail we zipped in and out of the aspens..too much fun


and finally our day ended with just enough sun to light the empty trail


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Man that looks like an awesome ride. Our foliage has started changing in the last week and it looks like its going to be a beautiful fall. I need to find an epic ride like that to do before the leaves are off the trees.

avg. joe
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Truly amazing shots there. The leaves are just starting to change here in Ga, but it has been sooooo freaking hazy that my pics are mediocre, at best.

Thanks for posting,
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