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The Devil you know

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Any reports on Devil's Pass? Specifically, is there a lot of Cowparsnip in the lower section? I'm riding Devil's Pass-Bean Creek back to Devil's Pass loop tomorrow.
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I rode it last Saturday and it was great. I don't remember seeing any cow parsnip that looked like it would be a problem soon.
Just got off the trail yesterday. The trail is in great shape. Go forth and enjoy!
Rode up Devil's Pass (Why does the sign say Creek now?), Resurrection Pass to Bean Creek trail, highway back to Devil's. Trail is indeed in great shape, great weather, great time!
I think we saw you, party of four on the highway S bound around 6:30 pm? We had just finished Johnson Pass, which was in great shape. A few brushes, a few nettles. Good ride.
Could have been me

I just got onto the highway a bit north of Cooper Landing at 6:30. I was riding a black Giant NRS (very slowly by then!).
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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