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The correct gear ratio

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I'm about to convert my 05 kona stuff to single speed.

Let me explain a bit about my riding: I ride a lot of dirt jump, some trials(think pedal kick here), and urban. There are a few uphills around my house, but nothing too gnarly.

My big ring is the one I want to keep, and for those too lazy to look it up, it's a 36T.

I was thinking along the lines of 36/16. How does that sound to you guys.

If you need any more details answer here or PM me.
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What I ride now on the trails, I'd go a little smaller on the rear maybe for urban riding, kinda slow (and boring) ride on the streets if I need to get to a trailhead.
It could be cool to get more responses... just a thought.
36/16 sounds a little too tall for trials and some urban, but you'll never know until you try it. It might be a good starting point.
Hmm 36/16 is too heavy in my opinion. Especially for trails. I would go into 36/18 or even 36/20. You will not go very fast but you need the leverage for trails and quick responsive acceleration. But hey just my .02
OK for trail riding 2:1 is a pretty good starting ratio so 36/18. Urban riding I'd go a little taller than that, maybe 36/16. For trials riding I run a 20/17. If you have no experience riding trials with the appropriate ratio you'll probably never know, but I daresay you're going to need an extra cog on the back for the two very different riding styles. Or switch down to the granny ring on the front to run with the 18t cog. 22/18 is a good trials gear as well.

- Joel
Thanks for the input, mind you trials isn't what I like most, but sometimes it is needed around here.
I typically run a 34:15 around town and at the local skate park.

I usually run a 34:17 at the local trails. Here in the midwest the ups and downs are short and steep.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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