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Back in August Jeny and I joined a few friends for an Alaskan coastal traverse.

We rode ~160-miles of the Alaskan Arctic coast between Point Hope and Sheshalik, deploying packrafts twice to cross deeper water.

I've been working on the trip report for more than two months. I am, in a word, stuck.

I've been really struggling to get words on a page. An abundance of mostly intact carcasses — primarily walrus but lots of bears, too — really threw me for a loop. I can’t make good sense of how a culture that used to show such respect for animals, but particularly bears, has departed so completely from an ethos they’d held for millennia.

So I'm just sort of processing still. Thinking about what I want to say, and how I want to put it out there, before I do.

For now, please enjoy the few stills above and the moving pixels below.

More later.


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I had talked with a pilot near there that was going to take a hiatus and attempt that trip. I don't know if he ever did. I really like flying over that area, much more scenic than the delta.
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