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The buying decision

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Recently, Cambria Bike had an Ibis HD frame on sale for $1,944.00 delivered (due to a 20% coupon). I have been checking them out and may buy one to replace my Blur LT. Do I need it? No way! The Blur LT is as much bike as I need and a great bike. I started the I can sell this and that and make most of the money up, but in the final analysis I would have had to use 1k out of my pocket.

My wife and I are committed to buy a new car with cash. We both have been saving and are not far from having the money to buy one.

It is funny how your emotions want something and your mind has to jump in and say no :)
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forget the wife and car Jaybo and buy the HD. They're incredible!

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Buy a USED car with cash, and the bike. You'll have money left over.
Ya gotta override that "mind" thing, life is short & I'll bet you'd love that HD :D ...
So far, that's 3 yes votes, against your 1 no, maybe start a poll.
Spending cash on bikes > spending cash on cars
This is true, especially now with gas at $4/gallon.
Jaybo said:
My wife and I are committed to buy a new car with cash. We both have been saving and are not far from having the money to buy one.
I hope you mean new to you and not new from the mfr. Obviously the greatest depreciation on a car is in it's first year. With the economy and jobless rate as it is now, I've seen lots of 1-year old cars for sale. My own favorite car is the 7th generation Honda Accord last made in 2007 and I'm not so much a fan of the newer 8th gen models. If I totaled my 7th gen Accord tomorrow, I'd get about $9k and rather than buy a new Accord, I do believe that I'd be looking for a private firesale on a 2007 model. If you're serious about working a tight budget, used is the way to go and, used car loans being what they are, I can see why you'd prefer to pay cash.

If you are talking about a new, new car then I don't get the paying cash methodology. Why pay cash when you could finance at 0.9% APR which is nearly free money? Unless your credit score blows in which case past mistakes might necessarily exclude you from deserving an uber-expensive carbon-framed FS bike. Also, you'd be wise to get full replacement coverage for that new car since a total loss early on could leave you with only partial reimbursement from insurance. That's not a problem with a used car though which is part of the attraction to buying used.

Just saying bro...
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