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Hey guys-
Well a lot of you have been there, I am in college and I am broke. I'm looking for a free price guide for used mountain bikes. I have a 2001 XTC SE 1 that I would like to sell but I don't know what a fair price is. I would rather see somebody riding it then it hanging upside down in my garage. The bike is in mint condition (no lie) the only thing different from stock, is the race face grips I installed on it other than that all the components are the original. I still have the original grips and the pedals that haven't been used ( I installed platforms ). If I had to guess the bike has under 200 miles on it. Living in Iowa you don't get to put a whole lot of miles on. The bike was originally 1200+ dollars back when it was new and the archive link to Giants website is:

P.S. Don't worry guys, I'm not getting out of the sport, I still have my 2002 WARP DS 1
Thanks in advance for any help,
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