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The biggest most recuring cycling arguements of ALL time

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ok so browsing through all the threads on here as well as some other forums it seems as though some arguements seem to keep showing up over and over. I thought it would be interesting to list them all, maybe we can create a sticky for each of them and link all the threads related to them so that they can serve as a central point of reference for anyone new to the board

Disc brakes vs V Brakes
Hardtails vs FS
XC vs DH
Clipless vs Flat pedals
Helmet vs No helmet
Flat Bars vs Risers
Flat Bars vs Drop bars
Rigid vs Suspension fork
26ers vs 29ers
Gears vs SS
Steel vs Al
Carbon vs All other materials
Race vs ride for fun
Lycra vs Baggy shorts

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Here's a few

Air vs coil
Tube vs tubeless
Shimano vs SRAM

I'm sure there are more.

air vs. coil
hydro vs. mech
tube vs. tubeless
production vs. custom

Thats all I could think of in my self imposed 1 min. time limit.
Call_me_Clyde said:
Air vs coil
Tube vs tubeless
Shimano vs SRAM

I'm sure there are more.

HOLY HELL Clyde, did you just look over my shoulder. Im telling.:thumbsup:

We hit the submit button at the exact same time. HAHA
I was gonna say, I dont know anyone who still claims Vs are superior to discs

(ducks head quickly)
That is a fantastic idea.

A batching of related threads might show the transition of perspectives on a particular issue. It is kind of a kick to see riders resist the latest in technological advances as needless changes or marketing spin only to find such changes become part of the norm. It is also interesting to see riders progress through a technological contiuum and end up back at the beginning; rigid singlespeed, for example.
On the other hand new threads on these topics tend to reveal the "truth of the day."
haha I don't think it's an issue of superiority as it is just preference

FWIW I prefer Vs :)
iPod/MP3 player vs. safety/rationality/consideration for other trail users/etc..
Helmet VS No helmet

Helmet VS no helmet

this is an easy one. there is no disadvantage to wearing a helmet. besides a being little hotter. but its worth it having one on
Do not forget:

Riding with/without music
Ellsworth(ians) V. Turner (Homers)
Cell Phones V. No phones
Some reaching here, but I thought I would contribute a few.

clipless vs. flats
clipless vs. clips
lock on grips vs. non lock on
drop the seat vs. don't drop the seat
wash the bike vs. ride the bike
roof rack vs. hitch rack
chamois butter vs. dry
camelbak vs. water bottle
hydro disc vs. cable disc
real food vs. supplements
larger frame vs. smaller frame
online shopping vs. lbs support
EBB vs. not EBB
biking socks vs. regular socks
See less See more
schrader vs. presta
bar ends vs. no bar ends
flat vs. riser bars
bibs vs. shorts
single speed vs. multi speed
My bike vs your bike.
'Merican vs Other Country
My trails vs your trail
Poser vs non-poser

Thumb-shifters vs all other inferior products. :)

Just the stuff I can think of...

jerseys vs Ts
roadies vs mtbikers
knobbies vs semislik
homemade vs clifbar et al
paola mud wrestles marla and leigh---now that would be good!
Bling vs. Economy
Thomson vs. Other
Light vs. Burly
Expensive & Durable vs. Cheap & Replaceable
Ok here is one or two

Cannondale vs the world
gears vs ss
LSD vs Intervals
HRM vs Power meters
Lance vs Merckx
dope vs no dope:nono:
Stans vs Tubes
FoShizzle v. Aquaholic?
ride up vs. shuttle
right of way- uphill vs. downhill

later, sid
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