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The best tires for road use only??

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I am looking at converting a wheelset to use only on the road. I am thinking about Conti Grand Prix or Hutchinson Top slick... What are peoples experience with these, is there something better? I will not be using these offroad only on the road, therefore I dont really want to use a semi slick.

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I use the Conti Grand Prix tyres and can heartily recommend them. They roll fast, are light and grip well. The one thing against them is they can get cut up fairly easily by bits of glass but in my case I can put up with that for the advantages.
Specialized Nimbus EX

It's supposed to be fairly sturdy. It comes in 1.5 width and rolls quick.
Or if you want wider...Specialized Hemisphere EX 1.95". Both the Nimbus and Hemisphere also come in Armadillo versions which are all but impossible to flat (through normal means)!

Another wider but more comfortable tire (compared to the Nimbus/Hemisphere) is the Continental Town and Country. They come in a 1.95 and 2.1. They are reasonably resilient to flats but have thin sidewalls and can be hard to mount.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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