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Great Boxing Day to all!

I've become quite the expert at the art of building anticipation. With the successful sale of one of my road bikes a few weeks ago, I decided to fumble my way back onto the trails, and my hunt for a new bike began.

I decided last week to order a 2008 Bianchi Sok 29er SS, a fine choice by any standard, but this post is not about that bike.

Anyone who has been bitten by the mtb bug (let's call it H129) AND had the unfortunate circumstance of being without a respectful mountain bike knows how I've felt the past few days.

Well, folks, the other day I found a bike. A free bike. In a dumpster. It was a little worse for the wear, but with some elbow grease and plenty of cursing, I restored it to a semblance of its former glory. Here it is:

It squeaks, creaks, and is bent in all the wrong places. Its components have no brand, it does not shift, and the decals alone probably add a pound or two to its 45lbs heft. However, it goes forward when pedaled (when the chain stays on) and is, by definition, a mountain bike. So far as how it rides, it'd be redundant to provide a description longer than "ugh."

I know what you're thinking. I'm going to launch into a philosophical rant about the bike industry and weight-weenie contests and the evils of Shimano and Campagnolo. But here you'd be wrong. This bike sucks something awful, and that's about all there is to it.

However, it gave me my mtb fix for the day, and it makes me look forward to the arrival of my "real" mountain bike next week. I feel really fortunate to have the money to get something nice, and I hope to dear God that I never have to ride something this awful again.

Cheers! Enjoy your bikes!

On a side note: if you mock the box-mart bike, it WILL bite back.

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