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The National 24 hour championships where held this week in Colorado Springs. I came out to support my riding buddies on Team Inflexable and managed to shoot some pictures too.

Here's KJbike speeding away. I'm really bummed to hear about your hamstring Kip--what's the prognosis?

There were some fun little techy climbs.

And a few places to get a little air. KJbike was good camera fodder--I managed 4 pictures of you Kip.

The course was beautiful!

It wasn't as technical as it could have been, but there were still lots of nice challenges.

The first Team Inflexable rider--Becca!

Twilight set in.

And then it got darker.

And then the lights really came out. Believe it or not, the lights on the left side of the picture is actually Kip although he was moving so fast that my 5 second exposure totally ignored him. I used my Amoeba to "paint" light on this shot.

More night time in the rocks.

Here's Jaydude rallying back to the start line so that hitechredneck can get out and do one last lap. All together, Team Inflexable got in 16 laps--4 for each rider. Great job guys and gal--I look forward to racing this with you next year!


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Nice shots Kristian! Looks like a riot! The course your friends had to run looks far more entertaining than the one I had a few weeks ago for my 24hr (see post here if interested). I'm not complaining, I had an absolute RIOT as always but, I'm always digging the look of the terrain in your neck of the woods. :thumbsup:

It's been far too many years since I've ridden in nice.

Thanks for posting.
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Killer shots Kristian. Was this run at PP?

I've been meaning to write to you & Jeanette (and Ken in KC) to thank you for your hospitality. We had an awesome trip and really loved the Springs.

Best wishes on the upcoming birth day event; must be only 2 or 3 weeks away?!

Thanks again!

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<<Please don't discuss trail names and locations of pictures posted above. Thanks! >>

Ok, I don't live in Colorado, but if this is a sanctioned race, why wouldn't you want to post the trails so others can ride?
It can't really be a secret, as the racers have numbers, and presumably the land is either public, or the owners don't mind riders on the property.

Just wondering...
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