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Got an invite from my little sister to spend Thanksgiving week in Austin, TX. Seeing how the weather in Seattle was on the rather cool and damp side, it was a very offer to accept. I've been to Austin twice before; both times were loads of fun. This time, I was going to be in town for longer than ever before, so I figured I would just ship my bike ahead. A side note: many thanks to the boys and girls @ DHL for delivering my bike late, causing me to rent a bike for one day because they couldn't get their act together.

First ride was on 11-20 @ Reimer's ranch. Great location! The Reimers own a nearly 4000 acre free range ranch, of which they've opened 1500 acres to mountain bike trails, hiking, and rock climbing. Austin is the only place that I've seen with this type of set up. As you arrive, you must sign a waiver, plus pay old man Reimer $5 for the privilege; then off you go!

I got my sister and brother in law hooked on mountain bike riding with all the pictures and emails I send to them of places I've been and rides I've done. They've been religiously riding several times a week and were looking forward to our first time ever riding together off road. It was a beginner level ride with them and a couple of their friends. A good time was had by all. It's a great feeling helping new people get started in cycling.

Too many pictures to post, so to see them all<a href=> click here </a href>

Second ride was two days later at City Park. This ride made it abundantly clear that Austin is known for its rocks, and jagged rock steps. What makes these more unique than the slick rock you would encounter in Moab or Mesa, is that these are sharp, sharp angled, and much closer together. Big ring bikes need not apply! I lost 5 teeth of my big ring from that day alone!

For pictures, <a href=> click here </a href>

For the last ride, we chose the day after thanksgiving. Will still full of turkey and wine, I attempted to keep up with a group of 10 locals through the Barton Creek Greenbelt. Boy, no shortage of rocks in there! On the same level of beating my chain ring took @ the Elma Long City Park, my suspension took at the greenbelt.

For photographic evidence, <a href=> click here! </a href>

I want to publicly thank my sister & brother-n-law for housing me and the fun filled first ride. To Dwayne for being a great guide at City Park. And to Bike Austin, Bear, and the Mark, and the rest of the crew from for the ride on the Greenbelt the day after Thanksgiving. To all of you, I had an amazing time and look forward to returning the favor when ever you find your selves visiting the great Pacific Northwet!


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