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Thanks Jamis / RBikes

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A big thanks to Jamis to and RBikes for ensuring my trip to Sedona was a resounding success. I broke the chainstay on my '05 XLT four weeks before my trip. I was really sweating not having a bike to take with me. Jamis came through with warranty covereage sending me a new chainstay with the bearings and a new derailler hanger installed. My trip was great, the trails were great and I couldn't have enjoyed without these guys efforts.
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Glad the trip was great.. post some pics!
Similiar experience:

I broke the crank bell on my 04 XLT a year or so ago, contacted Rbikes, and through Rbikes Jamis replaced the crank bell for free even though the frame was well out of warranty. Big thumbs up to both. :thumbsup:
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