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Hi There,

I just wanted to say thanks for all the info available here! While converting my Bridgestone MB-3 to a SS, I've been lurking around looking for info and ideas. Now that it's done, I've come to a conclusion about the whole SS deal. It's freak'n RAD. My first ride was way better than I expected. I'm running the 36 tooth ring in the front and converted the rear hub using an 18 tooth cog. I just used the old derailure as a chain tensioner. The climbs were not as difficult as I expected. I kinda felt like I was coming home again. The rigid frame climbs sooooo well, it blew me away. I forgot what it was like to move forward when I stand up and pound rather than moving up and down. Sure, it was rough on the decents, but I loved it. Maybe it's cuz it's how I learned to ride. I'll probably invest in the ENO hub and up-grade the drive train after a few miles the way it is.

Anyway, thanks again for the board! Another one bites the dust!



1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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