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Thanks for all the great advice - my bike is done!!

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Hello all,

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the patient and great advice I get from this board. It led to a lot of good decision on my part concerning my bike build. I don't have digital camera, so I'll just give a parts list. It's nice to finally be done building and out riding.

'04 Ellsworth Id frame
Maverick front fork - stock Romic rear
Easton Monkey light SL bars
Hope Mono Mini disk brakes
Stan's No-tubes Rims (359 g each?)
Candy SL Eggbeater Ti
Race Face Carbon cranks
FMR bottom bracket
Full Rohloff drive train (I know not light, but in my opinion sooo much better than any XTR or Sram I've ever ridden - such a quite and maintainance free ride as well)
SLR Ti seat
Moots Ti seat post
Kenda 2.0 Karma L3R Pro standard tires
Foam grips (Ritchy, I think - about 25g for the pair?)
Chris King Ti
Just put in my order for Ti and Al bolts all the way around at

I was really aiming for an all mountain, plush ride that weighed in between 25 and 26lbs, and I got it!

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Man, that must have cost a boatload (Whats with all the king ti's lately?). Got any pics to share?
Cost was high, but not too bad - some used parts

TheRedMantra said:
Man, that must have cost a boatload (Whats with all the king ti's lately?). Got any pics to share?
I have digital camera on the way - I'll post pics is a week or so. I got the '04 Id for 950.00 on Ebay. The cranks, pedals, tires, headset, bars, seat and post, all came from Ebay as well. Brakes, wheel set, Rohloff, BB, and fork were all new. It took about 4 months of bidding and waiting to get it all. I see that Richard's cylcles has similar bike ('04 Id and maverick fork, hayes etc. - not nearly as nice as mine - for about 5,800.00 or so. Mine actually came less than 4,000.00 - I plan to have it a while!!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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