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A quick thanks to Chris for helping me last friday on the BCT. Not sure if he is on this forum or not...

Short story: I wadded it up going across the small bridge next to the gate off the Black Canyon City trailhead and the barbed wire fence got me good. I was bleeding like a stuck pig from my left arm and had a few cactus barbs in my leg.... I was able to walk back to the parking lot and I met Chris there.

Not only did he help me bandage up my arm and get my bike in my truck but he had me follow him to the urgent care in Anthem so I wouldn't get lost.

He went out of his way to help a complete stranger (and noob) and I can't thank him enough.

Update: stitches come out next Monday (24 of em) and I am sure to back out there soon! I have already bought a good 1st aid kit to keep with me from now on.

The funny thing is I went over that little bridge 2x already that day, and the 3rd time I ate it... lesson learned, I will open the gate next time and walk through!

Posting pics is tough for me at work, all image hosting websites are blocked so I can't put up pictures of the gore :(
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