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Dear Taos,

Twenty riders from the St. Louis mountain bike advocacy/trail work club, GORC, descended upon your great town last August and we had a great time. The logistics proved impossible to meet up with a few of the locals we contacted.

The shops were informative and helpful in all ways and the area trails were fantastic. We ended up riding SBT, Jaracita, Rio Grande De Rancho, Rift, Horsethief, Angelfire, Winsor in Santa Fe, and several others that our group checked out.

Angelfire was awesome and if you ever find some gold fillings they belong to one of our own back in STL - he needed some extensive teeth work and a new helmet considering it was broken into 20 or so pieces.

Santa Fe: Thank you Mellow Velo, you were very helpful and cool to talk to. The Winsor trail is a great out and back even with the climbing - it allowed us a chance to check out the scenery - 3 hours up, 40 minutes down!

Taos Restaurants: We enjoyed all of our selections, from the Love Apple to Guadalajara to Outback to Pizanos to World Cup to Eskes to Cantina and Cid's for some of our coconut water drinkers and all the other food establishments I can't remember just now. Several of us ended up with New Mexican intestinal overload but that made for faster climbing.

Taos made our GORC group from St. Louis feel very welcome. Sadly, while we won't be back to your town for probably several years (we rotate vacations and will probably be going to Crested Butte or Durango ((durango yet again!!)) ) please remember that you are in our memories.


Matt from STL
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