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as the newly elected FTTRC president, I was going through what-all went on this past year. My reaction, is WOW! When you put it all together, it's pretty freaking amazing. The club will have it's one year birthday in January. So - I want to thank everyone who contributed in any way - whether you helped get the initial organizing going, showed up for a work day, told someone about us, sent us $$ or anything else. We could not have done it without your help and support. Things are pretty quiet right now, but we will be ramping up in the spring time with some trail building and other activities.
FTTRC Web Site

  • IMBA affiliate with 30 members
  • Non-member (friend of club) listserve, 100+ members
  • Website with listserve, calendar and discussion board, donated by Spatial GIS
  • Information pamphlet created by Ted Moon
  • Adopt A Park partnership with the City of Spokane for Camp Sekani/Beacon
  • 18 truckloads of trash removed from Camp Sekani/ Beacon at a clean-up
  • 150 hours volunteer labor on various trail activities at Camp Sekani, valued by the city at $1109
  • Spokane Riverfest - held trail work workshop to rebuild section of trail in High Bridge Park
  • Canfield Mountain, CDA - helped install ATV guards
  • Hosted IMBA/Subaru Trail Care Crew visit
  • Feature article in Spokesman-Review about TCC visit and project
  • Riverside State Park - 115 hours of labor to build a 894' singletrack bypass of Devil's Down, called Angel's Wings
  • 35+ club rides, formal and informal
  • 11 work days
  • Bylaws voted and approved by members
  • First board elected

thanks again for your support... formica
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