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Thank you MTBR! (My life since joining here, 40+ pics)

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Well I was thinking that my 1000th post was coming up, and I also thought that I should do a big write up about the rides I've been on, places I've been to, and people I've met since I've joined MTBR. I'm not a good story teller, so I figured I'd do a photo essay/write about it all. Some of these photos weren't taken by me, but I'll try hard to give credit where it is due.

I joined MTBR in March 2004 while I was just getting back into mountain biking. I lurked around for a while soaking up information.

After joining I started riding more and more as I learned about different trails in the Bay Area. I didn't start taking a camera with me out riding until me and a friend went out to the Nationals at Mammoth Mtn in August of 2004. There we had fun shooting the races and the scenery around Mammoth & Yosemite.

The lake just outside of Yosemite

Photo courtesy of Rockcrawler53 (taken with my camera though :)

I had so much fun with that, I started to goto some of the local college races in the area for some images as well-

Santa Teresa Park

Boggs Mountain

Soon after I started to bring my camera to a fair amount of rides, shooting at the different parks in the area

Henry Coe

Photo credit to Rockcrawler53

Soon I went on my first MTBR group ride was the December 4th ride at Henry Coe park, the ride of the now famous "Boys playing on Ice" ride.

Photo Credits goto Big Larry

Some of us playing with the ice on the frozen pond/creek (I'm in the yellow jersey

Photo Credits goto Rumpfy

Me walking on water. I walked about 6 feet out to a rock

Crossing the creek after the Middle Ridge Downhill in Henry Coe

Shortly after that ride I decided to buy myself a Christmas present

That March I was able to get some time off of work to go on a road trip. Rockcrawler53 & me spent about a week riding in Auburn, CA & Moab, Ut. Despite a nasty case of poison oak, one broken toe, and numerous cuts & bruises we had a blast.

This has to be the steepest thing I have ever ridden. The camera is actually level, but because of the traction that is available on Slickrock, its possible

One of the awsome views from Porcupine Rim

The reason I bought some armour when I got to Moab

And it came in handy. After the crash, I did the only thing I could do- got up, checked the bike, and hit it again- landing it the second time.

A few random shots:
Anza/Jackson climb in Henry Coe State Park

Santa Teresa Park

A week or so after the last image was shot, I drove about 45 mins to a trail, rode the trail for about 1 mile, started climbing a hill, and I heard a snap and realized I had no seat. Turns out the seatpost weld had a hairline fracture, and from the stress of me pushing on the seat while climbing, it gave out. So thank you specialized for a warranty replacement!!

While I was bikeless, I needed something to do to keep me occupied. So I decided that I would buy an expensive present for someone special in my life

Our wedding cake topper since she doesn't ride
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Pt Ii.

That summer we took a road trip up to Northstar to check it out and shoot one of the races:

Then we had another big group ride at Auburn, the day after my bday

MTBR Ultralord Francois

At the beginning of 2006, my wife started bugging me about taking her riding. We're still on bike paths, but she just finished her first 24 mile ride!

Then came the Sea Otter Classic- the biggest mudfest in California

The winning image in the MTBR Sea Otter photo competition

Because of that photo, I was able to get a new bike, a GT Ruckus SS!

After riding for a few years, and getting stronger phyiscally as well as MTBing helping me deal with my depression & other stuff, I was able to get some other friends into MTBing, and to help them get the same love of the sport as I do

This is one of the reasons I ride- seeing things that some people will never see except for in a picture, or unless the view is in a scenic overlook off the freeway. The reward for a 1800ft climb in 2 miles- a 180 degree view of the trail. On the left in the distance (We could see it, but the camera couldn't) is the Sierra Nevada mountains. On the ride side is the Pacific ocean. How's that for a view?
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Nice writeup and pictorial, keep them coming.
Nice stuff

Awesome passion hit!
Awesome :) Threads like these are why I love this site!

Oh, and very VERY nice wedding cake topper :)
perfect, just a perfect thread, i cant wait to ride tomarrow!
Now THAT was some great stuff!! Keep 'em coming if ya got more, and keep on ridin'!!



I actually had about 10 more pictures I was gonna post, but I thought having 50 (I think) was enough for the thread. There is many more MTB pictures located here:
Thanks for the amazingly awesome photos! Keep riding and taking photos like that. Oh, and major props and congrats on the GT bike! -GT2005
great story! thanks for the hit.:thumbsup:
Man nicely done, inspirational:thumbsup: Totally can identify with ya:D
Nice Story and Pictures

Some of the best pictures I've seen, felt like I was there!!:thumbsup:
its great ,
this is what its all about ...

Great post, very inspiring!

(Great images)
Way to bring some great emotion into your post. That was truly awesome.
Great hit man! Ride on!!! See ya out on the trails!

this has got to be one of the best photos ever posted on MTBR...

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