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Also, thanks to Myke Berna and Mike's Velo City Bicycle Center for his great build!

The wait was worth it!

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Ride report from Mendocino coast.

So to begin:

As Wayne and Garth say in "Wayne's World", "I am not worthy."!

Eyewear Bicycle tire Bicycle frame Bicycle wheel Tire

But, "Oh yes, she will be mine!"

In the climbing category:

It goes up better than any expectations I ever had. My OG V2 was my barometer, but I think I have met its equal and then some. Time will tell. Originally, Nick Taylor said his LS had issues keeping the front down on the steeper ascents. I was thinking it would be a similar challenge. Never did I experience that problem. With the steeper seat tube angle, the distribution of weight is so much different. I did not need to get as far forward on the nose of the saddle on steeper climbs. If anything, it climbs better than my OG V2 ( OG = a proctological exam?).


What a bike! This is where it shines! Ripmo equal? The potential is staggering and the hype is spot on the mark. I have a lot to learn about its complexities. Taking it down Endo was my first real eye opener. At this point in the ride, I had about 8 miles under me. This mother wants to rock on the descents. Boiler was a hoot too. Once I got the gist of what it expects of me, the fun was there for the taking. I blasted through that left hand banked turn with ease and room to spare. Although on lower Boiler, I blew the hard right hand downhill switch back to the point I put a foot down. But, still batting 500. Next time:
"Yes! she will be mine!

I think I'm in love w/ these Rekon Maxxis tires (2.4 rear 2.6 front)! Like infatuation going into a long term relationship? These tires grip!

Rolling over ****: Wow! Hitting big roots is amazing. Rolling over stuff is so smooth that I never felt the bike was busting through but smoothly and lightly going over them. No feeling of the front end ever popping up. Could it be the fork set-up? Tires? Slacker headtube? Whatever, it's smooooooooooooother! I may have to hit Tahoe some day for a full on downhill experience.

New learning habit to acquire: The slacker head tube causes it to understeer. So, I must initiate the turn sooner (especially on the descents). Timing is everything. Analogy: Going from my old 204 Lacroix to a 175 parabolic ski?

The more I rode, the easier it felt. I stopped gripping so hard and began to relax. At first sitting higher than my OG, I felt cramped in the cockpit (50mm vs 90mm stem). I finally got some what use to it in a pleasant way. I felt I was using different leg muscles on climbs too. Just occurred to me why this different feeling in quads: I've gone from a 175mm crank to a 165mm crankset, DOH!. A slight adjustment is being considered for seat height. I had difficulty putting my heel on the pedal without slightly rocking to do so. This will be addressed this AM.

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Nice bike and thanks for the report!

I have my new V4 in my garage but have been too sick to even ride for first time🙁

Can you provide build info please?
Sorry you're infirmed. You'll have so much fun you'll need to have your smile surgically released! Have fun when you're feeling better.

My build was nothing outrageous. This is what was put into the mix:

Drive train: SRAM 10x50 cassette with 165mm GX cranks (Down from 175mm feels good!), SRAM GX chain, GX derailleur
Wheelset: DT Swiss 350 hubs on Race Face ARC30 rims
Tires: Maxxis Rekon fr:2.6 rear 2.4
Fork: Rock Shox 130mm Pike
Shock: Fox Factory performance 120mm
Cockpit: Renthal carbon bars 720mm, Thomson 50mm Stem, XT 8000 brakes, SRAM XO1 Shifter, Ergon GS1 grips, Wolf Tooth actuator for Fox 150mm dropper. Saddle: WTB Volt Team, I'm a Virgin 1x rider now! Can't think of anything else...

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Updated ride report-The Beast Master?!

Very nice!
The V4 is simply amazing! I'm beginning to be close to its sweet spot. My first ride of 12 miles on Thursday was an eye opener. It is not just a bike to hop on and go fast, one must feel the Beast. I took it easy sussing out its nuances for the first 9 miles. Then, I dove down Endo, ONo! and Boiler. WOW! I think I saw sparks off my elbows! Could this be love?

After yesterday's bigger ride (Triple Double Loop and then some from EOP) guiding six hard core riders, I think I'm finally getting a feel for it (still got miles to go). Finishing up a 25 mile ride with 3,500' of climbing, the goal is closer. I look forward to learning this Beast's complex abilities. To be its Master, more miles are gladly in the works. Oh yes, she will be mine!

First off, I'm now a 1X older retro-kinda rider with 165mm cranks (concerned hips now) w/30 chainring and the SRAM 10-50 Eagle! I've gone from a Shimano 175mm crank 34-24 setup w/11-40 cassette. These new cranks test a whole new set of quad muscle I never knew I had on the climbs . Which of course need a bunch of work now. I was fu*king tired from this ride. Later after a few beers and a big Mexican dinner (Los Gallitos), I was prone on the floor trying to stretch the new muscle I discovered from the day's climbing activities.

The bike climbs better than my OG V2 Ripley!!! And, nothing like the LS version where the front end tends to wander and get lite (as attested early on by Nick Taylor, resident rider to try to hang with). Thanks guys at Ibis for the steeper seat tube angle (V4=76° vs OG=73°). Also, it literally "floats" smoothly over the bigger roots to the point I am not concerned when hitting them. The OG popped a lot where this V4 is a magic carpet ride.

The potential in descending is beyond my wildest dreams. But, it is the true test for me as it is more bike than I am yet ready to dive into. Fast is not a good word for it. It is beyond fast...! The slacker head tube angle (OG=69.2° vs V4=66.5°) and 2.9" more wheelbase (V4=46.4" vs OG=43.5") had me white knuckled nervous on the faster switch backs like that one on Stairs (Forest History). ( I over baked a few more too.) Even on the OG that turn is a hard right one. Most folks don't ride it. I just didn't trust myself to make it yesterday. Barely got around with no room to spare (big drop there), foot down and sweating like mad. Although, I made all the switch backs on Manly and Boiler.

Ultimately, this bike is definitely the next level of Ripley! I'm glad I bought it, now I must be "one with it"! As Chevy Chase says in Caddy Shack "Be the Bike..."

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