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Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia

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Howdy, folks!

'Managed to do 2 tours last year - one road, one off-road - so here are the ride reports :D

Many thanks for all the information, tips, and inspiration gotten from this forum over the years :thumbsup:

Thailand to Singapore

Munda Biddi Trail: Stage 1



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Thanks for your great ride reports Ben. I found your Pedaldamnit pages when I was looking for information on the Bolinas Ridge trail a few years ago, and since then I have enjoyed your updates when you go on a new adventure.

I have family in all the major cities in Australia except Perth, but with the information I have now on the Munda Biddi trail from your report I now have a reason to visit there. My daughter and I agreed to ride the trail system together in a few years.
Ah, Bolinas Ridge Trail. I can never forget riding that trail in winter... the fog and the redwoods are really something else.

Stage 2 will definitely be complete when your daughter and you ride it. That would surely be one grand adventure :thumbsup:

Thanks for reading, Bokchoicowboy!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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