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Hi Guys

I'm looking for your help - as you know we're always interested in what you have to say - now you can say it directly on our new website:

What do you think of:


Answers below - or if you prefer via a PM to me - of about 20-30 words relating to your bike: What you like about the frame / when you bought it / what type of riding do you do / your favourite memory of the bike?

We're not really looking for "marketing blurb" - just your own honest feedback.

The best will be used on the new site - and we'll sort out a way of saying 'thank-you' to everyone who's text we use.



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How's this for a testimonial? :D
You can read more in the "Just ordered a Fury yesterday" thread.

Originally posted by; jonesyxcfury.

All i have to say is this fury frame is awesome! If your thinking Mountain Cycle, don't think, buy. I assure you that you wont be disappointed.

This frame paired with the Marzocchi ROCO TST R is a match made in MTB heaven! I was out for a total of 5.5hours today i took it on some rough trails, Drops from 2-6', steep as all hell cliffs and i hit some berms! On the rough trails is handled like a dream it seemed to soak up all that i through at it. The drops that i felt confident to hit were soaked right up like nothing had happened. As for the dh end it was amazing descended like it was its job and i nailed some berms it carves into them so well and you feel so confident doing so. I was having so much fun with the berms i was getting hella cocky and was damn near rubbing my knee on the ground I cant even wait to ride it again tomorrow!!

As for the components love the Toras its like a perfect match to the Roco, the Sram components shift like a dream, the bb7's took a while to break in so they now stop on a dime. the bars neck and seatpost are as rigid as the frame is. The crankset is just out of this world i love it all the rims could be a bit stronger but i think different spokes will cure that!

Over all this is the best most rigid frameset i have ever been on and with the Roco on it the damn thing is a beast, perfect pair they perform so well together and both at a great price i will be a return customer for life!!!

If anyone has anything negative about a Mountain Cycle product you must be insanely retarded and---- F*** You

Thanks again everyone at Mountain Cycle for a AWESOME product!!
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