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Test drove a 07 FSR XC Rim and...

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I test road an XL 07 FSR XC rim yesterday and I liked the geometry of the bike. It felt more upright then my 04 SJ FSR and hence more comfortable to ride. Unfortunately, the bike shop only allowed me to road test the bike so I have no idea how it will handle the dirt and gravel trials. The rear X-Fusion RLA shock may have dad a problem with it because it was extremely difficult to compress when it was not locked out. In fact the lockout felt and behaved the same as the fully open position did. Also the rebound-lockout lever migrated from the fully locked-out position during my test ride several times--is this normal? The other thing I notice was a random clicking or creaking noise emanating either form the X-fusion shock or the rear linkage. Has anybody encountered these problems with their FSR XC bikes and if so can they be fixed easily?
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Clicking noise hmmm?.

I have an 08 FSR and has heard that same noise brought it to my LBS and they took it for a ride and told me to just lube up the seat post, I havent done it yet and havent ridden it yet either but will do soon. At first I thought it was the headset, but wasnt. Try to listen to your seatpoost also.
I just got an 07 FSR XC Comp and it is a great bike. My bike tends to do that clicking or cracking sound. I have not looked into where it is coming from but the bike runs great on dirt trails and is a decent downhill bike. Just watch out for the avid juciy 3s it comes with, they are not the greatest. The fusion x shock when locked out does not allow you to bounce maybe the one you test drove may have been damaged. All in all I recommend the bike for the price, the full suspension at that price is great and the bike rides like a charm.
I am a little concerned about the clicking noise because when my 04 SJ FSR starts to creak, it usually means that the 4 shock link and the 4 dropout bearings are going bad and need to be replaced. On my old 99 SJ FSR, the rear shock locked up and started clicking--luckily Fox replaced it with a better one under warranty.

The reason I am looking for another bike is because I have replaced 3 sets of rear pivot bearings and countless lower shock bushings in under 3 years. All of the Specialized bike shops that I have called around Northern California do not have the equipment to check the frame for proper alignment and Specialized needs an authorized shop to confirm that the frame is out of alignment before they will warranty frame.
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