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Temecula - Vail Lake - Magazine Photo shoot

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Well we just wrapped up an exhausting weekend! Bicycling Magazine and Mountain Bike magazine came down to SoCal for the end of the season sunshine. Fortunately we got some! Which is such a good thing. The rains are amazing and so good for the trails. Anyways with the Tour Of California coming to town the editors of these magazines wanted to do a story on the Southern California Bike scene. So after a few weeks of phone calls and appointments we finnaly got them down here and ready to make miracles happen. The photographer ( Tim ) was awesome! He made the photo and video shoots so easy to do.

Saturday we started our shoots up at the Santa Rosa Plateau. It was a little overcast and grey. But all that only added to the experience. We were up and shooting by 5:30am. Gotta catch the early moring light! We got some really good stuff and after about 3 hours we headed to Starbucks for a warmup. After some lunch and coffee we headed out to Vail Lake Resort which was the focus area for the entire story. Our focus for the afternoon was the ridgelines and the freeriding downhill stuff. So I called up some friends who like to go big and we rallied some amazing shots. I have to give big props to Jake for hitting all the A-line jumps and making everything look easy. He must have walked up Burning Calves 10-12 times to allow the Tim to get a series of shots and videos. Jake rocked it and hucked the big gaps like a champ. This was a fun afternon for sure!

Sunday morning was another early day. We were out at Vail by 6:30. The weather was amazing. It was super cold but the sun was out and the light was hitting off the few clouds in the sky. The sky was all full of oranges and purples. Our focus for the morning was Cross Country and mainly the ridgeline rollercoasters. We put the hemet cams on and proceded to have the most fun of the weekend. There were about 8 of of us just freight trainng one behind each other. It was awesome. Tim got some amazing shots from so far away. He was able to film us rolling the whole ridgelines. It was awesome to see some of the video when we were done! Later that afternoon I called up some of the big air boys and we met at a local Downhill Jump spot that has the most amazing scenery. Jake and Tyler showed up and we got some sick shots of big air and big rock drops. We even shot some of the local kids ripping up the pump track! It was a super fun way to wind up the weekend. Thanks to Jake and Tyler for going big on camera. These guys have major Huevos!

All weekend long we got tons of footage and over 12 interviews. From what I gather this will be a major piece in the upcoming months. Plus I know Tim will put the videos up on Both Mountain Bike Magazine and Bicycling. The next SoCal exposure will be at the "12 Hours Of Temecula" this coming January. The Cycling Industry is very interested in what we are doing down here.
I am super stoked to be a part of the magic that SoCal is generating. After all this our home and home is GOOD!

Keep checking this thread. I will post some of the video and phots here as I get them downloaded. Should be the next couple of days!

Have a great day and enjoy the rain!

Jason Ranoa
Socal Endurance "12 Hours Of SoCal"
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and the photos?
Photos and videos

Sorry for the late JUJU!
Been busy with holiday stuff. Anyways here are a few Videos with a bunch on the chopping block. The actual footage should be ready in a few weeks. I will post another link later. Anyways just a teaser. Enjoy!
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