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In the summer, the rhythms of the San Juan Mountains are based on the monsoons.
Every afternoon at about 2 pm, like clockwork, the skies fill with thunderheads.
First, you hear the thunder, then see the lightning, and then, for about 2 hours,
it rains. Gorgeous, huge raindrops that blast right through any open window.

And so this pattern repeated for the week while I was there. Soon, we became tuned
to the monsoons. We rode early in the morning, before the skies closed in. We climbed
as high as we could, such that we could still make the mad dash back down to the Telluride
Valley before the storms hit.

It was a very good pattern indeed. Just go ahead. Touch the sky.

These are my images.

Telluride: The monsoons

<img src=> </a>​
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