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Did the patriotic thing and drove a long way to celebrate the 4th. Camped at about 12,000' in the gold king basin south of town near alta lakes. beautiful setting and some sweet single track. Luckily I befriended some guys who needed a chain tool and in return showed me the goods.

camp site was halfway up the bowl from the the lake

it ain't colorado w/o old mining structures clinging to the side of mountains

getting set up

at the bottom of some sweet riding, alta mining town to sunshine camp. About to grind my way back to 12,000'. too fun to stop on the way down.

tried to fire this thing up to get a ride back up

the long road home

little buddy joined me for the last 20 yrds.

Goofballin' ensues

sunset at 12,000'

more fireworks!

believe it or not there were fireworks we could see from our campfire way out towards utah, possibly norwood.

It's good to have your own snocat when you live at 12,000' and you have your own alpine bowl to session

love the architecture of this place, form follows function

Mrs. nOOby with ralph laurens huge double RL ranch on the way home. Dallas divide in the background. Not a bad view to wake up to. popped collars optional.
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