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I posted here the other day because I’m selling my Intense Spider frame. The post was taken down, I assume because it was an ad – which is fair enough, I understand the posting rules.

However, I posted because in a market as small as Australia it is difficult to find a publication that has access to informed people who might be interested in this type of bike. Anyways, apologies if I offended or inconvenienced any one.

So to my question. It is usually pretty difficult to judge prices of second hand frame here. I know second hand bikes are notoriously low in price but I am wondering if you thought my price is fair.

I am selling altogether:

2004 Intense Spider Medium Grey
’04 Fox Float RLT 80mm
Easton EC70 Carbon seat post
Chris King Headset

All for AU$2700

The frame is in good condition. No dents or major scrapes.

Tell me if I am dreaming?
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