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Hi everyone, new member here based in Reno, NV. This seems like a great place full of useful information, so it's nice to meet y'all - I appreciate you guys making this the resource that it is.

This may be a long-shot, but I'm hoping that some of you all-mountain/XC/enduro riders can share your experiences with riding singletrack in South Africa - particularly the Western Cape. I'm a strong rider, my wife's intermediate so we'd be looking for mostly green/blue trails with flow and nice gain/loss, concentric loops are nice so I can add on or split to an advanced trail for a bit. Ideally there'd be some features with ride-around options.

Trailforks shows enough trail networks to make my head spin, and while there are a handful of reviews, I'm having a hard time really understanding how developed and varied the trails in each network are, and even tougher time contrasting what's on offer in one area relative to others. Google has some overview-type articles that really don't give much of a rider's perspective.

I checked the international forums and found very little activity over there; thought about the "Passion" or "Bikepacking/Adventure" forum but this seemed the most likely place to get objective rider feedback on the trail networks there.

We're planning our trip for next September and will have 7 days in Cape Town & surrounds after a week in the Northeast, trying to decide where to stay outside the city for a few days.

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