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Tried posting this in Brake Time but it keeps getting a system error so I'm posting here.

The hole where the cable attachment screw stripped out on my boy's Trek 220 and I need a new rear V brake or at least the arm. The brakes on his bike are total junk. They're mushy and no amount of adjustment gives them any degree of power. I suspect the cables are made of rubber bands but I wouldn't discount that the arms are flexing though i can't see that they are.

I'm thinking about replacing the brakes completely. I don't want to spend $80 or so on Shimano's or Avids and I saw this complete set at Price Point for $35. He'll only be on this bike this year but he does ride twice a week on up to intermediate level trails so he needs half decent brakes.

I'm wondering if anybody's familier with them and can tell me if they're okay or junk?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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