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Tektro HD-M280

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These Tektro HD-M280 hydraulic brakes came with my 2022 Giant Stance. I could not find anything about these brakes anywhere. Does anyone know anything about these?
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I ran a set of Auriga M290's on an entry level mtb years ago which are near enough the same except the levers were slightly different:-

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They performed okay, much like similar entry level Shimano brake models. Same power as the pads are basically the same (B01S type) and basically the same mineral fluid as Shimano use also.

Reliable and trouble free for the year or so I used them except for a notchy lever feel when the pads wore down to a certain level, replaced pads and all okay again.

Bleeds apparently require a 'Tektro Bleed Kit' which is generic except for the specific Tektro bleed adaptor/s which can be purchased separately and are cheap.

Your Tektro's are the same as any similar brakes, they do the job for an average rider's needs but for steeper descents, etc a bit underpowered and not up to the task for more extreme riding/trails.
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check here: Tektro HD-M280

l left some Documents in that thread
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