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Tektro brake pad question

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Hi all. Ive got a pair of Tektro Gemini SL brakes and my pads have work out. Im looking at new pads but want to get something other that Tektro pads. Will Shimano or Sram pads work with my Tektro brakes? If so, can you link me some please because I do not know which ones will work with my brakes.

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Hi. Your Tektro's use the most common pads as used by many different brand and/or models of brakes so there is plenty of choice.

Shimano pads are the B01S type which are exactly the same.

Random examples:-

No need to get hung up on pad brand or type description as long as you carefully match the shape/outline to the ones you wish to replace then they'll work.

Choose from many well known or even unbranded pads from most sellers or preferred sources but suggest you stick with resin/organic compound options depending on what your rotors are suitable for. 😉
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l left a brake pad compatibility document in this thread
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