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Tektro 180 rotor?

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I have Tektro IO disc brakes with 160mm rotors. I know these are not the best mechanical disc brakes to say the least but for my uses they suffice. I am already considering upgrading to Avid BB7s or Juicy 5 as other options.

I am trying to be economical. I purchased a Windsor 4700 recently and am very happy with it. For now it does everything I need and suspect in a couple of years I may upgrade so...

The only part lacking a bit is braking power. I would just like to see a bit more power in the front especially. My idea is to upgrade the front rotor from a 160 to a 180, about $15.

Is this possible with my present caliper?
How much of a difference will this made for me?

There are a number of rotors available from Tektro:

I am considering the TR180-1 because that is what I have found online. Any recommendations? Will this work?
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You can do it, but you will need a different adapter to mount your caliper in the right position for the larger rotor.
I know you are trying to be economical, but spending money to try to fix up crappy brakes might not be the best investment.
Pricepoint has BB5's for 30 bucks complete, and BB7s for around $50. I think that would be better than spending $25 to add a bigger rotor to a crappy caliper, and give you better results.
The bigger rotor will be a noticeable improvement.
I hear ya. I am tossing around ideas at this point. I have found complete sets of Juicy 5 brakes, front and back with rotors (160) for around $180.
I have also found a complete front and back BB5 system (160) for $120.
Mech vs Hydro - may just go with the Juicy at that point.

My guess is that a whole new Juicy 5 system even with 160 rotors would be a vast improvement over my present system.

The caliper adapter is a good point. I may just wait until these pads wear out and instead of spending the 30-40 dollars total front and back to replace them, just replace the whole system at that point.
Now you're thinking. That's what I would do unless I had a compelling reason to upgrade sooner.
I ran the IO's for a little over a year, took a good hit on my front rotor last month and said what the hell and pulled the plug on BB7's, had a coupon for 10% off to boot and threw in a set of Speed Dial 7's. Probably the best upgrade I have made to date. Might not be as economical, but you will definatley notice the difference and know where your money went.
I have the IO brakes and I upgraded from 160 to 180. I used the magura adapter and I had to file a little bit off to get clearance for the caliper.
I´m also going to upgrade some Tektro´s but I already know I´m buying Shimano´s… Mineral oil, spare parts are available everywhere and reliability.
I´m gonna buy the SLX hydraulics cause I like the reach adjustment lever, but if you don´t think you´ll be using it I would recommend the Deore BR-M575.
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