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Technique question

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I ride my mountain bike in NE Ohio. Mainly Quail Hollow and West Branch State Parks.

At Quail Hollow, there’s a section that has 2 thick roots at the bottom of a decline. The first root, the left side is further away from you, the 2nd one the right side is further way from you. If I follow the line that is existing over the first root, the line takes me into brush off to the right. I end up having to slow down and turn the bike to the left to get over the 2nd root that is within a bike length and a half. I’m not sure how to take this section without slowing down a lot.

Over at West Branch, I was taking the easier course. The route runs along the water, out on the edge of the fingers that jut out into the lake. The trail angles towards the water, even some of the switchback. I end up going SLOW on the beginner’s course because even with my tires at a lower pressure, it feels like my tires want to slide down the hill every time I go over a root. (Using Kenda Nevegal) Is this just psychological and the need to trust my equipment more?


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do others ride these sections super fast? they could be places where everyone slows down quite a bit, and you just feel bad about it. for tricky sections i've reridden them dozens of times to try to dial it in, ride it, turn around, go back a bit and try again. riding with someone else with the intent to practice such sections can be pretty fun.
I was there last night, but I had no camera. :-\

I also have no one that will ride with me.

I decided to take a different line. You come down a hill, take a turn to the right and the roots are there. As soon as I took the corner, I went to the outside (far right) and crossed the roots from the right. This gave me a better line on both roots.

I found a video on YouTube, but the video makes it look like the singletrack is flat, when it definitely isn't.
The first root is at 4:42 and the 2nd root is at 4:44 and this guy make it look easy. :-\
From the video it looks like the best line is to cut through to the apex of the first one coming from the right side of the trail with a little hop over the log. This should set you up headed towards the left side of the trail as you approch the second one. I would say to try to hop over the log at about left center being aware of the stump sticking out of the ground just past it.

I will agree that the rider made it look pretty easy in the video but you can tell that he is moving along and a decent speed.

Best bet was mentioned above, Hit it. Go back and hit it again. Try different lines to see which one works best for you.

Lastly, I have a set of Nevegal's on one of my wheel sets and they do tend to follow the angle of what you are going over imo. They have pretty big cleats in them that are fairly spaced out so once on the object and inbetween the cleats they seem to slide a little from my exerpience. Just plan ahead if you can.
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It's funny, because in the video, you can see skid marks on the ground from where others before him had to stop between the roots to make course corrections.

It never even occurred to me to hop the first log. I guess I need to work on my bunny hops.
On the vid looks like the guy just manual right over both of them. Of course the first one is pretty smooth. Basically just get the front wheel over the trouble and the rear wheel would roll over the rest. Also look like the rider pick the lowest, or shortest part of the log to manual over. good luck.
I ride there (Quail Hollow) all of the time, but I still can figure out where this is at. It is amazing how much different that place looks in fall and spring.
I just watched the video. Do you have ANY granite in Ohio? I would KILL for singletrack like this.
Mimi - The first root is level with the ground, but on the other side of it, it drops betwen 4"-6"
quietcornerrider said:
I just watched the video. Do you have ANY granite in Ohio? I would KILL for singletrack like this.
A few minutes away is West Branch State Park. Check out these videos:

hardwarz said:
Mimi - The first root is level with the ground, but on the other side of it, it drops betwen 4"-6"
Then the first root is an easy one to practice. It's about the same height as the curb, you can practice that.

Approaching the first roots with an attack position and as you approach the drop push the front wheel to force the front wheel down to the dip, do the same with your back wheel. It's just a simple pumping.

Best way is to manual the front wheel as you going over the dip absorb the rear wheel landing with your leg. This would allow you to keep the momentum.

I assume that the second one is about the same 4-6" but it requires you to go up and over and back down right? you can also practice this riding up the curb. Of course, it's best to get up or down from drop, roots, or logs at a 90 degree angle but if you practice you can get done without a problem.

Be sure to wear pads and use flat pedal when practice. have fun.

Check out these vid from
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