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Tazer for trails

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Looking to build my wife a new bike...She doesn't like my tracer...but likes the tazer. :rolleyes: Thinking of grabbing a her a tazer and building it 1X9. Not sure if the bb will be too low for trails.

Does anyone have any valuable input??

TAZER small w 100mm fork

Top tube(in/mm) 22
Seat tube (in/mm) 15
Head angle 68°
Seat angle 72.5°
BB height (in/mm) 12.75

TRACER VP sm w 140mm fork

Top tube(in/mm) 22
Seat tube (in/mm) 16
Head angle 69
Seat angle 73
BB height (in/mm 13.5

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I have a 120 mm Minute and 175 mm cranks on my Tazer and occasionally put a long seatpost on it to ride trails. BB height works if it is not too rocky. Unfortunately the TT is pretty short for me, so climbing is not fun. Super fun bike on flowy trails going down though! :thumbsup:
So it is a possibility but I would rather go for a real trail bike. Did you look into the Spider 2? If she is set on a dual slalom bike for trail riding you might want to see if you can track down a SC Blur 4x. A little more travel (4.5").
Well it is about an inch taller then most hard tails BB's and without a big ring you don't need quite as much clearance. With the ladies, top tube length and stand over height is the most important measurements.
It is still quite low for a FS and the HA is slacker than a usual HT. If she likes that kind of geo, more power to her. Most people I know that trail ride their 4X bikes are experienced DH riders in search for a fun trail bike. Dunno if that description fits your wife. And if a normal Intense trail bike doesn't fit her, do her a favor and let her try a small trail bike from another brand. If it fits she will have more fun with it than with an Intense that doesn't.

Just my 2 cents.
I agree...she and I are roughly the same height....I did a bit of an experiment today...swapped Fox36RC2 for a Recon 351 Air and zero stack headset. dropped the front end a bit and she felt more comfy on it. I'd rather she not complain about smashing pedals or being uncomfortable. So I'm gonna grab her a medium Tracer and set it up properly for her. The things we do for our ladies....Thanks for the advice!
My tazer specs when I trail ride it -
Med Tazer, 4" mode
CC Angleset at -1.5 *, HTA sits at 66.5*
Fox 831 at 120mm
Couple spacers as the bars are super low even at 25 mm rise
50 mm Chromag stem
Chromag fubars osx
Elixrs with enough length for bar-spins, x-ups
420 mm Reverb for trail days, shorty post for DJ sessions
Chromag clamp
1750 wheelset, Schwalbe 2.4 Fat Alberts, tubeless
Saint 175 cranks
1x9 32t front and 11-34 rear
X0 short cage rear der
Point 1 pedals

This bike is a ripper in this format. Crazy fast, jumps awesome. The relaxed HTA keeps it stable in rough terrain.
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