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Had a couple errands to run today in Tukwila yesterday afternoon so figured I'd take my machete and loppers and do some brushing at Tapeworm n' Parasite for a couple hours.

Trails were in great condition; seemed like others had done the same recently, as there were hardly any branches actually obstructing the trail; plenty were threatening to obstruct the trail soon though, so I trimmed those back.

Ran into Crazy Pharterman and Bikey0, who were there riding, and stopped and bullsh1tted with them for a while.

The chicken wire on that one boardwalk is really shredded up in places, with lots of sharp little loose ends. Amazing that you don't hear about flat tires happening from that; I guess most of the loose ends are flat, but still. If someone's riding there soon, it'd be good to bring a staple gun along and staple some of those back down (or just replace it all with new chicken wire..) If you do so, tell me, cuz if not I'll take my staple gun next time I go.

Hella beautiful day; about mid 80s and sunny. Summer's finally here!!! :cool:
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