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Tampico Mexico, 26-Dec-09...

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I just took a short spin to stretch my legs. I rode to the local beach and pier as I don't really have cool trails around and didn't feel like driving 30min just to get there.

Weather was perfect for riding, the road ride to the beach truly sucks but it was just awesome to pedal again for a while.

This is my town from the pier. We have a Refinery here, so unfortunately there is a lot of pollution. This place would be even more beautiful if it wasn't here.

Even with the refinery here, there's a lot of life. Seagulls and pelicans really make me feel at home.

Bikes are more than just fun here. They can also be workhorses even in this very harsh environment (lots of corrosion).

The sea looked just beautiful and peaceful...

Packed sand made for a pleasant ride!

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enjoy your time home, Warp!

Tampico looks real nice!
Looks Pleasant

That last picture is excellent.
crisillo said:
enjoy your time home, Warp!

Tampico looks real nice!
Thanks, Cris and all! I sure am enjoying holidays at home!

I made a similar ride today... temps just above 12°C and raining. :D Off course, I was riding in summer attire more out of being dumb than anything else. I didn't think it would continue raining.

I'd do it again. I felt like a child, just like my memories when I was a kid.
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